Monero Transactions is at an all time high!

Technology adoption has often come from “shady” stuff like adult which was a huge boost for VHS, then DVD and finally BluRay. Also online streaming, especially HD has first been adopted by adult sites. However, in Crypto we can’t really count on adult since their current model is highly based on automatic subscriptions via Credit Cards which people are mostly not aware of when they sign up for a “1$ trial” and are rebilled like 50 bucks few days later. No such option with Crypto and this is only good.

Gambling however has always had billing problems for several reasons (regulation, fraud, chargebacks) which are mitigated by crypto so it’s a no-brainer to add it as payment method for all gambling platforms. Going further, online gambling has never been trustless since you could not verify the randomness of the plattform which you can now based on blockchain technology, here especially the Monero blockchain.