Monero highlights over the past 5 years

4th Jan, 2023

Monero highlights over the past 5 years

Monero turns 5 next month, lets look back and think what Monero development team accomplished in that time.

Bulletproofs and Confidential Transactions are going to be the best thread from a technical level. Both concepts were originally discussed for bitcoin but Monero was the one that implemented them. Now you see talk of implementing them in bitcoin (example Liquid sidechain uses confidential transactions I believe).

On a human level you aren't going to find a feel good story for monero. The people it has helped the most are those breaking the law.

The best human angle imo is the narrative about being the only good privacy option in the entire crypto space (which is why it's good for people trying to avoid oppressive regimes like dictators, china, etc).

You can talk about how Purism's upcoming phone the Librem 5 which focuses on privacy is going to launch with Monero natively supported?